Why do you show me those sad, sad eyes?

2010/11/08 § Leave a comment

This week-end, BB and I are going to Pottercon to watch the six first Harry Potter films with other enthusiastic fans. I hope this will be a good experience, as I really love Harry Potter. We, together with M, are also going to the midnight premiere of Deathly Hallows pt I, which is going to be super but also very very sad. I hope the film ends with Harry dying as I can then forget what happens after (even though this of course explains quite a bit). I have always preferred the thought that Harry had to sacrifice himself in order to rid the wizarding world of Voldemort, and that he would stay dead, not surprisingly wake up again to make kids and marry (although this does happen quite some years later. Still.)

People going to Pottercon are apparently dressing up as either people from the books or in the clothes of their house. I took a test and I am apparently Slytherin (84p)/Gryffindor (75p)/Rawenclaw (73p)/Huffelpuff (54p) (in that order). No surprises there, I guess. I am not dressing up, though. I never dress up anymore, not even for Halloween. I am very boring, as I like dressing up, but I can’t be bothered to fix stuff. I guess I can look weird enough on my own, so people might think that I have dressed up. “Oh, who is that horrible girl?”

I will bring my camera and take pictures of the costumes I fancy. Doesn’t that sound good? I will probably end up with detailed macro pictures of my boots or nails or something only. At least I get to watch the films and have a good time. My favourite HP film must be Goblet of Fire (hehe, yes, one day I will blog about my terrible, cheesy film taste), so I have to get up super early on Sunday so that I am at Blindern in time.

DSC_0116aa.jpg Forest2 picture by kat-o

I laugh at the fact that one of the main pros on my “Why move to Asker”-list was “learn to let go, goddamnit“. How has that worked out for you, eh?


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