It was a fine affair, but now it’s over

2010/12/10 § Leave a comment

Today was the last class of Tease Dance
and also the only time we were to dance a burlesque routine. Of course this Friday was also one of the first Friday since I started that my boss put me up to work at a Friday. I was scheduled to work from 11am-6pm. The Tease Dance starts at 6pm. The Tease Dance is 40 minutes with bus away from my work place. I tried to change my schedule but alas.
Luckily, I have wonderful parents so my father managed (after some errors) to pick me up and drive me to class, thus I was only 15 minutes late. I guess my dream of being an exotic dancer besides my job at the grocery store is still going strong.

Getting to dance a burlesque routine was my main motive for starting the Tease Dance class, and even though the floor dance and to a lesser degree the chair dance were wonderful, dancing burlesque was something special. I got to borrow the tutor’s feather boa (guess what I will be looking to buy tomorrow) and the dance is so wonderfully feminine in a sexy though not vulgar way. I hope the next Tease Dance class will focus more on the burlesque part of the Tease and not so much on the Bedside Strip.


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