Polkadot princess

2010/12/10 § Leave a comment

Hello and welcome to my blog, jejune stars.

These are my categories and a description of what sort of posts that will be put into them, to easier find what you want to read about.

Art: the products of human creativity; the creation of beautiful or significant things

Artistic outlet: Activities that free or express creative energies or emotions; art, baking, black ink, crafts, creativity, drawing, painting, photography, Moleskin notebooks, pens, sewing, writing.

Fashion: The latest and most admired style in clothes and cosmetics; black, clocks, crafts, eyebrows, glasses, glitter, hair, jewellery, makeup, shoes, sunglasses, vintage.

Knowledge: the psychological result of perception and learning and reasoning; facts, information, mathematics, schools, studies,

Lists: a database containing an ordered array of item; to do, favourites, what makes me happy, what makes me sad, wish lists.

Literature: Creative writing of recognized artistic value; books, fiction, knowledge, magazines, novels, poems, short-stories, writers.

Music: Any agreeable (pleasing and harmonious) sounds; bands, concerts, folk, indie, instrumental, rock, vocals.

Physical health: Anything that has to do with my body; baking, breakfast, dancing, hiking, pilates, tea, supper, yoga, yoghurt.

Rantings: Rantings from my life; dreams, experiences, hopes, life, memories, working.

Silver screen: Visual images broadcasted on a screen; actors, comedy, drama, film, musicals, television series, thrillers.

Spirituality: Concern with things of the spirit; clairvoyance, crafts, forests, ghost stories, incense, knowledge, magic, memories, moleskin notebooks, mountains, new age, the ocean, space, tarot, travelling, the Universe, water colours.

I will try to write a post in each category during the week-end, to get properly started. Do enjoy my blog and please comment with ideas, critique, inspiring speeches, links, information, jokes  – whatever you want really.



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