You treat me badly, I love you madly

2010/12/10 § Leave a comment

My Chemical Romance comes to Oslo in March
and I feel like I must get tickets so that I can go see them, even though I do hesitate slightly – they are quite expensive (NOK 520 + service charge) and I have yet to grow accustomed to Danger Days, not that I have tried much really. Hopefully, they will not sell out before the end of next week, so that I can think about it for a bit.

Another concert coming up is Bright Eyes’ last “tour” (with only two shows announced). I did plan to go to London to see them, I, again, hesitate. I need to find someone to go with me, and the final Harry Potter premiere is only two short weeks after, and I was also planning to go to London to experience that event. Anyways, most of the sections besides the back seats are sold out, so I guess that will never happen. Hopefully more shows will be announced so that I can experience Bright Eyes live before they split. I would, however, not be surprised if I never get to see Bright Eyes as a cosmic revenge for choosing pre-MCR over BE at Hove in 2007.


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