Your Christmas of white

2010/12/10 § Leave a comment

For me and so many other people, December means Christmas.
I relish in various Christmas traditions such as baking, writing Christmas cards, making good food, listening to Christmas carols, buying and wrapping gifts, decorate and even clean my room. Last week-end, my brother and I made gingerbread, chocolate chip cookies, mint balls and chocolate rice buns, and I exchanged gifts with BB and Mello (I got a skeleton kigurumi!) over a Christmas lunch. This week-end will be used to buy/make more gifts and make Christmas sweets such as saffron buns, toffee, caramels and polkagrisar. On Sunday my family and I are hopefully going to Julemarkedet (the Christmas market) at Norsk Folkemuseum. It is really amazing to be at Julemarkedet, they sell silversmiths’ wares, roasted almonds, books, old-fashioned candies, fine soap and so many other lovely things. There is a spice shop, organisations sell their lace, they play Christmas plays, there is a skating rink and they sell toffee apples! I am so excited, hopefully my family will agree to go!


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