Touched by something pure

2010/12/22 § 6 Comments

Here it comes,
another BE/CO post. I promise that this blog will be about other stuff too (who am I kidding, it’s title is Jejune Stars), but lately all I do is work and sleep and BE is the main thing to go with both.

Anyway, Shell Games was released today/yesterday as The People’s Key‘s first single (Is it a single?…) together with the cover art. Except from it’s obvious appeal these cold days, with all the fiery, warm colours, I personally do not especially like the cover, not that I could honestly say that Bright Eyes have ever really  impressed me with this specific art form (besides from Cassadaga, with the spectral decoder! Best cover ever, no homo.), but that is not to say that I despise it. It’s not like I have an overload of orange/red CDs anyways, so I think that both me and my CD shelf will survive.
Edit: The cover isn’t really bad at all- After having letting it grow on me for a while, I have kind of started to fancy it a bit.

Over to the more important thing, that is; the song. The introductory melody of Shell Games remind me so much of Clairaudients that I am unable to sing the lyrics to any other tune while I decipher them. Perhaps this is just me.
(I have found that deciphering lyrics is very hard for me. The first time I listened to the song, I was sure, however shocked, that it was “hairy love” Oberst was singing in the chorus. After a few listens, however, I have settled on “heavy“.)
Other than that, I am quite sure that I will grow fond of the song, like the cover, over time. Right now I can’t say that it is one of my favourites, but it sure is not the worst BE song and to me, The People’s Key sounds very promising this far.

Hah, I suck at “reviews”. Go enjoy the song!


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§ 6 Responses to Touched by something pure

  • / Jeg liker også Cassadaga veldig godt! Føler det ikke får like mye love som de andre albumene, ettersom at det er det nyeste og folk alltid er litt redd for å like det nyeste best. Men det får meg alltid i så godt humør.
    Men mitt absolutte favoritt album noensinne er Fevers and Mirrors. Lette kjempe lenge etter det, helt til jeg en dag fant det på Platekompaniet i Oslo til 59 kroner. Trodde jeg skulle dø.

  • Likte innlegget veldig godt, forresten (leste det etter at jeg kommenterte første gang, derfor to kommentarer lol). Jeg liker album coveret veldig godt, og jeg likte det fra første gang jeg så det. Det minner meg kinda om Noise Floor og Fevers and Mirrors, uten at jeg helt vet hvorfor.

    Og jeg likte også designet på Cassadaga veldig godt, med dekoderen og alt. Elsker når artister inkluderer sånne små ting inne i cd-coveret.

  • Charlie says:

    I just posted on my blog about “Shell Games.” I totally agree about the similarity between the opening melody and the “Clairaudients” melody! I wrote about it too. : )

  • / Jo, det var det, faktisk! Jeg la også merke til at de hadde ganske godt utvalg der. Her hjemme har vi bare hundre kopier av I’m wide awake, it’s morning.

    Jeg har forresten forhåndsbestilt The People’s Key allerede! Kan ikke vente til det kommer ut.

  • / Jeg valgte “music plus”, rett og slett fordi jeg ikke har råd til “I want it all.”

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