I wanna be your happiness

2011/01/05 § Leave a comment

I just bought the “I Want It All” The People’s Key-package
from Saddle Creek. Haaaaa. $50. Happy, but a bit more broke than an hour ago. Hopefully the Postal Service in Norway won’t add too much customs and other stuff to the bill. There is always a risk.

Anywaaay, a little over a month from now I will receive:


  • Limited Edition deluxe packaging CD
  • Limited Edition 180 gram colored vinyl deluxe packaging LP (Very exclusive, apparently. Only 2000 pressings.)
  • Colored vinyl 7″ of two non-album tracks “Singularity” b/w “In The Real World” (Also very exclusive. I like it.)
  • Exclusive bundle only American Apparel t-shirt (I never really wear t-shirts but I will make an exception for this. The palm-reader did tell me to wear more red, I hope this counts.)
  • 11″ x 17″ album release poster
  • Exclusive bundle only 24″ x 24″ poster

And I will receive a MP3 album download on the 1st of February with non-album tracks as well. Hah.

Yes, I do feel as if they snared me in with the “limited edition”, “deluxe” and “exclusive”. I don’t even have a vinyl player. …

However, financing Oberst’s dependency to whatever it is he is currently addicted to/obsessed with is money well spent.


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