There’s nowhere we’re safe

2011/01/09 § Leave a comment

Yesterday, after I had returned home
from watching the Tourist, the power went off all over the hole my house is placed in (with other houses – it is some sort of community land, methinks). This in itself was quite cozy until I looked out the window and stared right at a thin blue beam (coincidence? I think not!) making its way over the land with various speeds. My father heard me exclaim and told me that it probably was a kid out playing with the laser pen he got for Christmas. Me, being brainwashed by various people, convinced myself that this must indeed be the aliens who had comfortably placed our little community inside a security bubble and were now searching for bodies to experiment on. What, with all the dead birds and fish and various animals, I was sure it was the beginning of the end.

I did however manage to calm myself enough to go to bed, repeating that if this indeed was the aliens, then there was nothing I could do for or against it anyway (I personally do not think that I would be very sought for as a laboratory mouse, wouldn’t that be most effective with an average specimen?)

Anyway, I woke up this morning very much alive and myself, concluding with me being either very paranoid or right in my hypothesis that I am too much of  a special case, even for aliens.


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