You’re not making this easy

2011/01/14 § Leave a comment

In 33 days I will be in Stockholm,
waiting for Bright Eyes to start playing (only half an hour left!). That’s crazy!

I was pretty sure that it was never going to happen (you know, with the curse and all). How would I get there? Where would I stay? Would anyone join me (the downside of not having any BE-fans as friends)? Would I dear to travel there alone? And after finding out that the ticket sale opened at 9am, while I was at work, I was absolutely sure that I would miss out.
However, after bribing my father with a marzipan pig, he agreed on trying to remember to check out the ticket sale in the morning. I found some cheap motels and a VERY cheap train ticket (both which by the way are yet to be ordered so I guess that could work as a way for the Universe to punish me) so all I was missing to have a theoretic opportunity to see BE live, was a friend. Or the courage to go alone to Sweden (I am kind of scared of Swedes). Finally, I made a final decision to face my fears so that I could actually experience Bright Eyes live (cause this is totally the last show in like ever). At the same time, though, I realised that I had yet to ask Mello. Showing up at her house, she answered “yes, why not?!” (with a surprisingly happy and interested voice, mind you), so there it goes. I had almost everything needed – except a ticket to the show.
Debasir Medis only holds an audience of 850, and with this being one of only six European shows announced, I assumed I would have to fight for my tickets. Knowing that I was put up to work at Friday morning, I already viewed the battle as lost – especially seeing that my father would give no promise that he would actually burn anything more than minimal calorific value on trying to remember to order the tickets. Nervousness made the night before The Morning filled with minimal of sleep. To make a long, horrible, sickening story short (this post is way too long) my father texted me that my tickets should arrive at my inbox any minute. And, damned, they did. WHOOO.

I hope Oberst is ridiculously drunk and does not die/do anything stupid before the 16th of February. Or that he’s crazy sober. Anything. Jeeeez, can’t wait.

I am sorry for any grammatical errors, confusing sentences, random rambling and such … I am tired and happy and just want to go to bed and sleep for a month. <3


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