Everything fell into line

2011/01/30 § Leave a comment

Today, I had the plans ready.
I was going to get up, eat, finish my Personal Statement, walk the dog, make cookies, study Chemistry and French and go to bed.

I got up. I ate. I sat down on the computer and realised how annoyed I was at my iTunes library. Time to clean up (at least the Bright Eyes section). I made sure all songs had the proper album art. I made sure all songs were on only one album (stupid hard). I needed to download some songs (illegally, seeing that I don’t have any of my albums in Asker). I found  a leak of The People’s Key that was available for download. I laughed at whoever was stupid enough to try such a temptation on a Sunday. I exited the window and finished cleaning up my Bright Eyes section of the library. I breathed. I hurriedly opened the window again and pressed “download” before anyone could rush in through the door/window/roof and stop me. And then I listened to it. All of it. At once. I feel so dirty, BUT IT IS SO GOOD AND SO WORTH IT ! ! ! ! ! ! Seriously. I. Love. It.

A proper review will hopefully come when I have listened through it a couple of more times. But it is wonderful. You really should pre-order it. And then download it. And then listen to it. Cause then you will love it. And then you will tell all of your friends and enemies and friendemies and family and whatever to do the same. And then you will go to all of their shows and cry and yell at them not to split (not that you think they will, they are simply too good for that, but you will still create some drama). It is that good. This might seem completely irrational, but give it a go, follow step 1)-3) and the rest will follow naturally and everything will make sense, the world will be a beautiful place and the big questions will all be understood.

Remember; to download Bright Eyes leaks is not cool unless you have pre-ordered the album.


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