Swear you’ll do the opposite of all those tangled hypocrites

2011/02/04 § Leave a comment

My last typed Google search is “chewing gum addiction”
after my brother expressed concern with my unnaturally high daily consume of gum, pastilles and other aspartame filled goodies.  I need to quit. I chewed a 100 pieces of Wrigley’s Extra Eucalyptus last week-end. And don’t get me started on the pastilles.  It’s crazy.

While walking home from work yesterday, I was happily thinking “Oh, yes! A whole four days with no human contact with anyone except my family what-so-ever. Perfect.”, then all of a sudden I realised that I had actually accepted an invitation to go visit Harry at her school from Friday through Sunday. And meet her friends. I better buckle up and turn on the social antennas (is there a word for that in English?). I am thinking that it might actually turn out to be a fun week-end though, if I can get over my anti-social preferences. She did however, tell me to let my freak flag fly because her friends, and I quote, “seem to value weirdness and intelligence quite alot, heh”. That sure is promising, especially seeing that I feel this weird and intelligent right now. Oh well, I have to go pack and tidy up my room and then I will write (at least start on) my review of The People’s Key.


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