You float down

2011/02/06 § Leave a comment

The week-end at Fredtun started off pretty good.
After a rushed walk through Oslo to look for a copy of Interview magazine, Nylon Boys (Oh, Michael Pitt), Rolling Stones and Jelly Belly (my favourites being licorice, green tea and cinnamon), I was sitting on the train with a smoothie and a psychology magazine. The rest of the week-end was equally good; I was introduced to a selected few interesting and creative people and a whole lot average people, we ate some delicious food and some decent food, we had cozy tea gatherings, thought provoking experiments, spiritual conversations, wonderful experiences. Feeding swans with white bread under a smiling crescent moon is an especially nice memory, together with talks about sex, love, balance and the Meaning of It All. Oh, and the café we went to was SUPER NICE, with a space toilet and pin up models on the wall. And the church had a gorgeous blue roof with wooden golden stars. Too much pretty!

I quite liked the school and the little insight I got on how it is to live on a Folk high school (hahaha), but I know myself well enough to know that even though I did fine this week-end, I would most likely not be able to actually live so close on strangers for an extended period of time. For a week-end, however, it was good.

Here are some of the creations from Sømlinjen, a gypsy corset and an Alice in Wonderland/steam punk-esque corset and skirt. I AM SO JEALOUS! (I don’t know how to drag and resize images on WordPress in Safari, hahaha, that’s the reason for the lack of photographs in the latest posts)

Thanks, Harry, for asking me to come visit. And for fastening the button on my coat, hah.


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