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I am currently pondering on how to “celebrate” Valentines Day.

(Not that this day is something I am much aware of. Only halfway knew about its existence. You know, through popular media and the consumeristic masses who fill this world. It is really only a way for rich people to make money and for people in a relationship to feel more smug about their cotton-filled existence. Which is nothing to envy. At all. I am too cynical to want something so desperate and dependent on another person. Of course.) Anyway. Kind of drifted away there. Yeah.

As you have perhaps understood, I am single. Which is not something that I feel too bad about in everyday life (no, seriously). But on this specific day, you are sort of expected to celebrate your love life (or the lack thereof), so I have narrowed it down to two choices:

The anti-Valentines celebration:
Meet up with other non-relationship friends and celebrate how single, free and independent you are.

This is how far I got on my Valentines Day post. I am sorry, but I knew the best-day-ever was only 72 odd hours ahead – who cares if I don’t have anyone to physically kiss on?


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