One day she will be left silent

2011/02/24 § Leave a comment

Oh-kay, a post to plan the future.
Or, more like; a post to keep track of all the various schools I am applying for, in a desperate act to actually get something done next year. Yeah !!!

England (psychology BSc):
Swansea University
University of East Anglia
University of Essex
Durham University
Roehampton University

1. NTNU; psykologi, årsstudium
2. NTNU; psykologi, bachelor
3. UiB; generell psykologi, bachelor
4. UiB; psykologi, årsstudium
5. UiO; kriminologi, bachelor
6. NTNU; sosialantropologi, årsstudium
7. UiT; psykologi, årsstudium
8. UiB; Kognitiv vitenskap, bachelor
9. NTNU; sosiologi, årsstudium
10. NTNU; filosofi, årsstudium

Jeez, I don’t even know. It all feels quite rushed, and even though I know I want to study psychology I am a thousand times more uncertain concerning the sociology and (to a lesser degree) the social anthropology. Philosophy is amazingly interesting in real life (/my life) but will it be the same on university level (I am hoping for it to be deep discussions into the late night rather than learning facts about Thales and Machiavelli – tough chance)? And will I ever need it for something other than my over-consuming fixation with death, life and what’s in-between?

I think I want to apply in Sweden as well, and perhaps I will take a shot at Denmark. If all else fails, I guess I will have to take a year at a Folkehøyskole (I must be damned), or, I must do as the palm reader forebode; travel to London to become an actress (and also; dress more in red, eat spicy food, get two kids, a medium-sized dog and a husband who travels a lot.)


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