This is when he tries to kill himself.

2011/02/25 § 3 Comments

Some of my poems,
from when I was thirteen-fourteen. All spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and cliches are there on purpose, to signify a deeper and more profound meaning. For real. (Guess not everyone can be lyrical geniuses at 13.)

You say that you have right
I say that you have wrong
You say that you will fight
And that you are really strong

I just want to be free
Go away and fly high into space
But I will never be
So I just turn away my face

The End
I can feel now my end is near
And to be honest, I am clear
But promise me one thing, and do not lie
Just, please don’t cry the day I die.
I’ll be okay, I’ll be alright
When my time is here, one dark night
I’ve been waiting for that moment all life through
I just wish all the others were special like you
There’s one more thing, something I hope that you know
I’ll love you forever, to eternity from now

Uff da
This is the day I’m saying goodbye
Because I’ve had my time to fade away
My lips are steady, my cheeks are dry
I knew this was the price I had to pay
Even though you’ll miss me, even though I’ll die
You know as well as me that I cannot stay
Don’t turn in anger, and don’t ask why
Just pray for my soul every night and day

Little angel
Standing there alone
Blood on his feathers
All his friends has flown
He can see the light
In the end of the portal
But both you and I know
That angels are immortal

I’m feeling passive
Like a candleburn in the blowing wind

YES DEATH IN MY HEART! I’m sorry if I inflicted any anxiety, dizziness or general feelings of unease.


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