What if he’s not the superhero?

2011/03/04 § 1 Comment

If you want to spend one evening
feeling like a teenage girl, you should read the Twilight Saga. No, forget that, just read the two first books. I always do that when I want to be a stereotypical 17-year-old. I read approximately 1/3 of book one, before I lay down and think about where my Edward may be. I am thinking that maybe I should go out to boys and yell at them for «not being like Edward», because I know girls do that. Then I finish the book.

I never imagine Cedric as Edward, except from time to time, when he sneaks into my head and yell SURPRISE!! and I feel really sad because his hair is actually not that bad-looking when he does not shower. Then, after I have finished the first book, I read the second. I dislike Edward and fall in love with Jacob all over again. I think about why I do not have any protectors and if you need to be partly albino to make shapeshifters fall in love with you. I think about all the nice native American boys and why they chose that boy to play Jacob and he even used a wig. Then I put the books back into the book shelf and laugh because I am such a stereotypical 17-year-old and how weird it is that Edward and Twilight is popular when you can have Lestat instead.


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