The only hope for me is you, alive

2011/03/20 § 2 Comments

My Chemical Romance was great live.
As always.

This was my third time seeing them, first was in Stockholm in ’06 and then at Hove festival in the summer ’07. Their stage presence and energy is pretty enviable, especially concidering the fact that they do this almost every night. Playing the same. Damn. Songs. Every. Night.

Talking of the songs. It was a good mix of old and new. Perhaps most appreciated by yours faithfully was old, but hey, who’s to say, right? BB was embarrassingly drunk even before we got in (after 2/3 of a wine and whiskey from her canteen), and managed to sell our spare ticket for 200 NOK (we bought it for 600 NOK) and scream at a couple who tried to sneak into the line in front of us. Inside she was wise enough to make up being from Nevada to an American girl behind us, and spent a good 20 minutes talking her way out of it (“I was raised in Austria, you see!”). Good times. I even had a couple of friends who were in the very front of the line (which was an extremely long line), after having slept there for what I think was two days. Impressive!

SET LIST (I got only 8 of my wishes!)

    1. Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)
    2. Thank You For The Venom
    3. Planetary (GO!)
    4. Hang ‘Em High
    5. SING
    6. Vampire Money
    7. Mama
    8. The Only Hope For Me Is You
    9. House Of Wolves
    10. Summertime
    11. I’m Not Okay (I Promise)
    12. Famous Last Words
    13. DESTROYA
    14. Welcome To The Black Parade
    15. Teenagers
    16. Helena
    17. Cancer
    18. Vampires Will Never Hurt You
    19. Bulletproof Heart


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§ 2 Responses to The only hope for me is you, alive

  • ah. i just have to comment here, even though it is an old entry.

    i will always remember that concert. i’ve been to many, but this one was the first time i saw my chem, and it was such an amazing experience. i was backstage and got to meet the band, and god, in that very moment it was as if i was fourteen again. i stood in the first row, right in the middle infront of gerard. cried eight times, and i’m not even ashamed of it, because i know that i wouldn’t be the same person i am today without them. i have so much to thank them for. i read your entry about how you feel that they have shaped you, and i can honestly say that i feel the same way. and yes, i appreciated the old songs the most, and when they played vampires i thought i was going to die. literally. and in that moment it would have been okay, because i felt so happy. lykkelig. i don’t think i’ve ever felt that way, neither before or after.

    this was such a long and ego-focused comment, but i just needed to get it out.

    • jejunestars says:

      YOU’RE SO LUCKY TO MEET THE BAND! I never have (and probably never will. And even if I do I would probably die before I could say anything sensible.) And I cry to MCR too. It doesn’t even have to be live. Last time was ooon… Tuesday, I think. Sad life. And Vampires was amazing. Great concert. I’m so happy you were there (it’s sort of a shared moment even though we weren’t there together, haha)

      And, I love long ego-focused comments.

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