Until the birds return

2011/04/09 § Leave a comment

Spring cleaning is such an amazing thing
to be finished with. Today I have cleaned up my room, moved around my tea and books a bit and taken some photographs to document how my room look in the spring of 2011. (Documentation is practically the sole reason for me blogging – I want to be able to laugh at myself three years from now.)

(The title was an obvious choice.)

This is how my room looks from the hallway. It is really this dark and gritty compared to the rest of the mansion, which is like a ray of fucking sunshine. My room is the black sheep of the room family.

This is my book shelf seen from my bed. Favourite (/unread) books/tea/music on top shelf, decent/language books/dvds on second shelf, big/stupid/school books on third shelf. Fourth (unseen) shelf holds my magazines.

My teddy beeear. His name is Guz or something, gosh, I cannot seem to remember. He is a Gloomy Bear.

This is where I read my books. I sleep the other way around, though. The lamp is on this side, and if I put my head in the foot-end of the bed (not that there is something like that, seeing that my bed is square), I can see the stars and the occasional moon. The books in my bed at that time were Eating Animals, Norwegian Wood and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.

This is my room in Trondheim. I had an other lens on my camera at that time, so anything other than close up could actually be managed. My room is 100% IKEA. Almost. Check out the two (!) MCR posters, the cactus and the Misfits vinyl. And the guitar.

This is my room before I moved to Trondheim. This is my “other-band’s-posters” wall. The rest of the room was MCR posters. I can’t believe I don’t have any photos of that. I spent so much money on those walls. Notice the cactuses.




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