Give up on what feels right

2011/04/17 § Leave a comment

Classic Dagbladet:

Mann lå død i flere uker
Katten var i live da politiet tok seg inn i leiligheten i Oslo 

I believe it was M who told me that it took approximately two hours for your cat to start eating off your dead body (two hours from what, I wonder).

This day started with seeing a Bright Eyes concert live. (I just have to confess however, that this was not planned. It was just a coincidence (or was it?) that I woke up and checked my Twitter 10 minutes before BE went onstage.)
Coachella – I cannot believe why people pay to go to the US to watch it when you can stream it from YouTube. I don’t see why people even leave their beds – I can get everything from here. EVERYTHING. I think even Hove streams…
A little digression there. Anyways. I think it must be one of the best ways to start a morning. Jelly Belly and Bright Eyes. Going to make me some porridge now and watch the latest Criminal Minds. Happy Sunday, you people!

Oh, tumblr people, why aren’t you my friends IRL?

This is how sunny it was when it started…

Then, boom, dark! Impressive..

Okay, I admit it, I’d like to be there. But hey, second best and all, right?


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