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The Rodarte Girls’ Proust Questionnaire

What was your first love? Chocolate.

Favorite language? Body.

Who is your most loved character in literature? Severus Snape, perhaps.

Favorite room? The garden.

Favorite place to read a book? Outside, in the grass, or in my bed.

Favorite place in NY? The lake in Central Park.

Favorite color? Blue.

Favorite thing to collect? Books and tea.

Favorite mystery? Death.

Favorite flower? Cactus.

Favorite sea creature? Octopuses or sea horses.

Favorite smell? The clean air after a shower of rain. Sun kissed skin. Cinnamon buns.

If I gave you a medal right now, what would it be for? Procrastination.

Favorite texture? Soft.

Favorite flavor? Cinnamon.

What’s the first thing you think of when I say red? Lipstick.

Night or day? Night.

Favorite villain? Darth Maul.

Favorite silent film star? Tom & Jerry.

Favorite artist? Andy Warhol.

C.S. Lewis or Freud? Lewis.

Tents or motels? Motels.

Favorite musical instrument? Violin.

Thunder or lightning? Lightning.

Tea or coffee? Tea.

Wine or beer? Wine.

Lemon or lime? Lemon.

Monday or Friday? Friday.

February or December? February.

Christmas or Halloween? Halloween.

Rosemary’s Baby or Hannah and Her Sisters? Rosemary’s Baby.

J.D. Salinger or Jack Kerouac? Salinger.

Hats or scarves? Scarves.

Marilyn Monroe or Elizabeth Taylor? Monroe.

Rain or sun? Rain.

Spiderman or Superman? Spiderman.

Cats or dogs? Cats.

Ice cream or sorbet? Sorbet.

Beatles or Rolling Stones? Ugh. Probably Rolling Stones.

Favorite fun fair ride of all time? Spinning tea cups (or something along those lines).

Favorite sidekick? Leonard.

What are the initials of the last person you kissed? ND.

What characteristics do you most envy in others? Charisma.

If you could fly, where is the first place you would go? The Moon.

Have you ever won a medal or a prize–if so, what? A box filled with drawing equipment.

What is your secret dream? Time travel.

Favorite season? Autumn.

What is your greatest love? Sleep

Favorite currency? Pokémon cards.

Favorite city? Trondheim/London.

Favorite imaginary place? Wonderland.

Favorite planet? Pluto …

Favorite children’s book? Mumin.

Favorite candy? Liquorice.

Favorite name [and it cannot be your own]? Vladimir.

If you could have anyone in the world write the first chapter in your biography, who would it be? Foer.


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