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Downton Abbey was great!
It’s got “plot twists and turns, slowly blossoming romances, scheming servants, gorgeous period costumes, beautiful people, and Maggie Smith as the H.B.I.C spouting one liners to steal the show.” Serious.

I have finished season 1 now. Season 2 doesn’t air until autumn (wut wut, I know). But I LOVE all the characters. They are all great. In their own way. They are ah-maz-ingh (this is sort of too fresh not to fangirl.) My favourite characters are Violet (played by Dame Maggie Smith), due to her wonderful one-liners, Matthew and Mary. More on the latter two at the last part of the post. Now, pictures:

Look, it is so visually pleasing. Eye candy!

I really like Lady Sybil and Branson the chauffeur.

The lady sisters; Edith, Mary and Sybil

Robert and Cora Crawley

Violet Crawley. She acts just like my grandmother does and I love it. Don’t you wish your granny was a bitch too?

Edith is wonderfully bitter and insecure.

The Turk. When he had his climax in the series, I almost died from laughing. Almost died…

Oh, Lady Sybil. Your frocks are truly one of a kind.

The sisters.

O’Brien and Thomas. Evil people, if you couldn’t tell.

And Matthew Crawley. Matthew…

Or, more importantly, oooh, Matthew/Mary! I quote, “Mythology-based hate-flirting! Potential marriage of convenience! Cousins in love! THEIR FACES! How much I love them separately (LADY MARY IS MY HOMEGIRL) and how much more I love them bickering with each other and dancing around each other and hurting each other and trying to be honest with each other. FEEEEEEELINGS, is what I am saying.” They are wonderful. I dreamed about them last night. Nuff said.


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§ 2 Responses to DOWNTON ABBEY

  • bb says:

    pretty clothes :3

    • RiverRose says:

      I love the show, and I loved this review!!!

      I agree with almost everything you’ve put here except, Lady Mary is not my Homegirl. lol. The way she treats her sister Edith is truly appalling, it’s no wonder that Edith eventually struck out.

      I suppose it’s just hard for me to empathize with a woman who has been given *so much* with only some limitations on choosing a husband, (and even then her parents appear to give her leeway) and is always choosing to act selfishly.

      But this is IMO, soooo… *shrugs*

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