Our freedom comes at their expense. It makes sense, doesn’t it?

2011/05/08 § Leave a comment

Osama bin Laden is dead.
This is old news, I’m aware,  but I would still like to write down my feelings on the topic. I do not intend to start a discussion, but your opinions (and facts and corrections) are more than welcome (:

There is a lot of “us” and “them” in this post. I apologize in advance, but I had to mark the division that I feel is present. I consider myself in the “us” grouping here, even though I  see this specific news item to be mainly US/Islam and I am not American. Norway is kind of mini-US anyway, so I would say that it concerns us Norwegians too. Us Westerns.

I find it grotesque that the entire West is rejoicing in his death. In the death of a real person. He was a real person. No matter how horrible his actions were, he was human. He was like you and me. And what makes us think that we have the right to kill him, to kill his friends and allies and followers, or just the people of the same belief and nationality as bin Laden, just because he killed some Westerns? Why are these killings looked upon as victories? How can we still look upon ourselves as the good guys, as the freedom fighters, as modern, civilised human beings, when we are no better than them? They kill us because they believe we are wrong and they want us gone. We kill them because we believe they are wrong and we want them gone. In their minds, it seems like torturing and killing somebody is okay, as long as it is the enemy. I daresay that the US military learn the same. Why are our opinions always the correct opinions?

I can see that we can’t stop “hunting” the terrorist, because they won’t stop “hunting” us. I am not saying that they should be allowed to do whatever they want. All I am saying is that I don’t think we should be allowed to do that, either. I can only talk about you, to you, try to change your opinions, your ways of living, because I am one of you. I am a part of your society too. I do what you do. I ignore my gut feeling. I stay passive, convinced that the government will do what’s right. I keep my opinions for myself. I smile and pretend everything is alright. I keep telling myself that I should not be ashamed. But I am.

How do you feel about this, BB?

The title is from the amazing (as always) song by Desaparecidos; The Happiest Place On Earth. Go listen!


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