The winter ends right at my feet

2011/05/09 § Leave a comment

I had the two first of my final IB Chemistry exams today.
Paper 1 and paper 2, to be precise. Paper 1 is a piece of baby cake, as it is multiple choice, meaning that if you don’t know you can still guess and have a 25% chance of getting it right. More if you can eliminate answers. I don’t usually have that kind of luck/skill, but there is always a first, and seeing that this is the last, the luck should kick in this time! Paper 2 is not as easy, as you actually have to know something. I filled in what I could and supplemented with a Chemistry riddle/joke (“What do you call Iron Man if you want to insult him? – Fe male“. I really hope the examiner is a misogynistic, comic-loving Chemistry teacher with a dry sense of humor and a forgiving heart who is generous with his/her points) and a sad smiley.

Paper 3, the final paper, is tomorrow. Then there’s two weeks left until my FINAL EVER IB EXAM EVER! EVER! It’s French. Ce qui signifie que, oui, je vais écrire en français de ce poste et au-delà. Not.

Here is a screen shot of my desktop, just to random the post up a bit. It seems quite emo, but the text (I rymden finns inga känslor — There are no feelings in space.) is actually the title of a Swedish film, which makes the background even more super hipster. Me gusta.


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