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2011/05/12 § Leave a comment

Look who came home with me today!

I found it in my post box.

I believe people who say that Fevers and Mirrors is the most emotional album of Bright Eyes to be wrong. It does contain some of their best songs (The Calendar Hung Itself included, which is EPIC. And Jetsabel Removes The Undesirables on the Japanese version) but Every Day And Every Night is (for me) so much better as a whole. YesitisanEPshutup. It contains 5 beautiful songs. They are wonderful apart, they are wonderful together.

A Line Allows Progress is amazing and emotional. A Perfect Sonnet is perfect, haha ))): On My Way To Work (sorry for the Oberst spam in the video, could not find anything better) is the soundtrack to every trip I walk with my dog. A New Arrangement is heartbreaking. And Neely O’Hara is too close to home to be comfortable, and it only makes me love it more.


I have linked to all the songs on YouTube. Give it a listen or three.

BRB, I’ll go cry now.

Edit: I look proper emo in the gif, boo. This is how much of a happy Kat I am:

Double edit: Bright Eyes gets onstage at 1 am (!!!!) at Hove. I popped an artery just thinking about it. That will be perfect! Except for the fact that I probably won’t get a ride home now. Oh well, I probably won’t get any sleep anyways. I AM DEAD EXCITED! </fangirl>


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