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2011/05/25 § Leave a comment

Angus & Julia Stone were fabulous!
The concert at  Rockefeller, was (it looked like) near to sold out. A lot of people; I wasn’t aware that they were that well-known. Good for them (:

They played some great tunes and really had a nice vibe going. Their songs are ethereal and the entire concert was magical and really personal. I loved the touch with the incense, the stars in the background and the moon (but then, I have astrophilia). Right up my alley.

Julia was wonderfully sweet (and barefoot!, I took of my own shoes in jealousy, even though socks isn’t the same thing) and Angus was just shy and cuuute! All beard and hair. Aw. I loved how they reggae’d up some of their songs.

I even took my own photographs (!) with my iPhone (!), and as a freebie, I filmed some for you! (I even have my own YouTube account. HAHA.)

Big Jet Plane
All The Boys
Draw Your Swords (personal favourite)

I am sorry that I cut in the middle of songs, but I am not a big fan of taping shows. Sucks afterwards, but I prefer to appreciate them when I am there.


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