Let’s not fuck around

2011/05/26 § 3 Comments

Yesterday I was at Tusenfryd.
It was pretty fun, even though I don’t actually take any roller coasters or anything. I was tricked into the Haunted House though. It wasn’t really that frightening, I must admit, but I was pretty scared while we were in there. My fantasy is my own worst enemy, I’m telling you.

I was also test driving and my teacher told me she was impressed. HAH. I have realised that my natural born skill is (wait for it) hill starts! I know, right? This sure is going to save the world.

Anyways, I added some menus on the right hand side, in the menu. They are mini menus. I have one about books, one about films and one about music. I’ll try to link my “reviews” of stuff there (even the concerts I have attended, yes!). All this for my one reader. You’re welcome. Right now, it’s not really a lot. But hey, it’s a start right? I need to find something to make me rich, and a blog seems to do that for people now-a-days.

Just kidding. Haha, that would be something.


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