You’re the only one that wants me around

2011/06/05 § Leave a comment

Angus & Julia Stone is the best band I’ve discovered this year.
I don’t think I heard their music before New Year. Time is pretty fluid in my head, so it is hard to say precisely. I think I started to listen to them properly when I heard of the concert. At least I haven’t known of them long. Anyway, not important.

They are a sibling-duo from Sydney, Australia who Wikipedia categorise as “folk, blues, acoustic, singer-songwriter” (story of my iTunes library). They started up in ’06 and are still going strong. They have given out three albums and a handful of EPs, my personal current favourite being the 2010 album Down The Way.

The fact that they share the mic and sing a couple of songs each is great for variety! Both their voices are ethereal, they might take some time to get used to, but I love them, I really do. I like how their songs change from heartbreaking to uplifting and don’t just stay “down there” or “up here”. I think their music is very innocent and dreamy, even though their lyrics don’t always have to be. And so damn relaxing, by God!

And, okay, I know it’s really superficial to say this, but they are one the most beautiful pair of siblings I think I’ve seen, ever. SO much talent and SO much looks. And they seem SO sweet. I can’t even be jealous, because they seem like they deserve it, you know? They’re REAL people (but  at the same time, so otherworldly!).

Oh, how I love their songs. Here are some links to a few you should check out. It is magic, it really is.

River (Joni Michell Cover)
I can listen to this one all day.
She loved me all naughty, made me weak at the knees

Walk It Off
I never wanted you to go, but I’d be the last to let you know

Draw Your Swords
The minor breakdown is painfully beautiful.
“You are mine, I am yours, let’s not fuck around

For You
If you love me with all that you are, I’ll make you a star in my universe

The Devil’s Tears
My first song and still one of my favourites.
He offered me the universe but inside my heart there’s a picture of a girl

I have both of their solo albums now, can’t wait to give them a proper listen!


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