If you look in the mirror

2011/06/13 § 3 Comments

When you no longer feel comfortable with
a person that used to be a friend, you’ve grown apart or whatever, is it you or your friend who has changed? I used to think it was them, that they changed and “grew up” while I stayed static and that for this reason, we no longer had anything in common. I am not so sure any more. Perhaps we both change, in different direction. I guess we all change, but can you notice yourself changing or will you forever feel the same? Because I don’t usually feel like I change much, unless I make a butthard effort to actually change something about myself that I dislike.

My brother always cries when he watches this video.
I wonder if this makes him a better person than me.


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§ 3 Responses to If you look in the mirror

  • Hanne Mari says:

    I lover your brother.
    And you.

  • Hanne Mari says:

    Ah, to LOVER someone and then press the button before you see your spelling mistake. To LOVER someone who has not yet reached the legal age of consent. I apologise, dear older sister of this innocent child. I meant to say:

    I love your brother.
    And you.

    In a pure non-sexual way.

  • jejunestars says:

    I was frightened for a second there. Good to know, though. That it is non-sexual love, I mean. Towards both my brother and myself.

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