The moon eclipsed and circled round my heart

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Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful?,
Paloma Faith‘s debut album, is absolutely amazing! It is quite a bit more theatrical than my usual folk-blues-y acoustic preferences, but I like it (I actually adore theatrical music, that is why I still listen to Panic!).  She is a fan of David Lynch and Tim Burton, and her musical influences are as diverse as Nina Simone and PJ Harvey. Her music is very magical.

I first discovered her when I watched the episode of Never Mind The Buzzcocks (totally funny British panel show about pop music, best with Simon Amstell as the host) that she was guest-starring. The original and bubbly miss Faith herself seem to have had a life full of experience up until now, just look at this; she has danced both ballet and contemporary, she has studied theatre directing, has worked as a magician’s assistant, live model, singer at a burlesque bar and as a sales agent at Agent Provocateur. She is also an actress and has been in the Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus and St. Trinian’s. It all sounds so delightful! Anyways, I really really adore her music, I will link to three of my favourite songs by her on YouTube, so you can give it a listen if you feel like it.

Upside Down
Colourful video warning

Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful

My Legs Are Weak
SADFACE. I am convinced this is about Ledger.


Oh lord, I so want to dye my hair red come autumn.


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