Just going up and down

2011/06/26 § 2 Comments

Day two of the Cleanse
(part 1? Of how many? Will I update tonight? Who knows.)

I woke up with a terrible headache and shaky feet after the most heartbreaking (and vivid) dream in a long time. It didn’t get better when I entered the kitchen to make my breakfast – hot water with lemon juice – and noticed all the food. Eggs, bread, pasta, oatmeal, raisins, even a chocolate piece was lying on the counter. It is scary how much I miss proper food after only a day. I have to remind myself that it is for a limited time only, god knows how people do this for 10 days, even more for a month!

After the, in the lack of a better word, tea, I read some theory (for the drivers license) and then I made some smoothie from just a whole bunch of things. It didn’t exactly taste delicious after I added the milk thistle powder, it had one of the worst aftertastes ever. I guess cleansing the liver isn’t for wussies. Remind me to never become an alcoholic. Oh, now I’m cold sweating (this stuff might end up as TMI. Perhaps a warning should be added). I also food processed an entire pineapple, for desert. Put it in the fridge so that it would be cold. This stuff is so good that I supposed it was against the Cleanse rules, but hey, surprise, pineapple is very cleansing, especially for lungs (too bad I’m not a smoker).

I had some aloe juice in the smoothie, but can’t say I noticed it, so that’s good! I’m not really pro-eating-pure-oils/juices-with-spoons, I like to mix it into something, so I suppose I don’t get the recommended 4 spoons (I just poured it into the smoothie, maybe I get more. Heh.)

My brother and I are most likely going to a indoors swimming pool tomorrow, so I might have to cut the diet a day (/a half) short. If I feel like this, I will probably die from just seeing people. My energy level is rock bottom.

Sorry for the lack of optimism, I am not as negative as this post reads, it’s just that there weren’t many positive changes. It’s all those bloody toxins, I’m telling you.


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