It was only a kiss

2011/06/30 § 1 Comment

Brandon Flowers, our third concert, was late onstage
and left his audience waiting for a long time, and with me being tired, yearning for Bright Eyes and not very positive to Flower’s solo album in the first place, this might not have been the best starting point. I must say that I suffered through most of his prancing on-stage, but when he played the Killers-classics like Mr Brightside (best music video) and Read My Mind, the crowd really got going (and I do admit, so did I; The Killers is perfect nostalgia music). Jenny Lewis was also brought onstage for a duet of some sorts, which is never a bad thing (Jenny Lewis, that is). I also had free view to where quite a few from Bright Eyes were standing to catch the concert from backstage, which was nice to rest my eyes. Overall, this was a decent concert, I suspect it would have been way more fun if I had liked/listened more to Flamingo, because Flowers seems to be a true entertainer (having the occasional slight resemblance to Mercury) and a charmer. I suppose that’s the case with all concerts, however; the clue is to know the lyrics.


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  • bb says:

    Mr Brightside was amazing, I haven’t listend to Flamingo at all but Brandon was still fun to watch. ^^

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