She just can’t remain with all that outer space

2011/06/30 § Leave a comment

Ah, Bright Eyes at Hove 2011.
My sole reason for doing all this traveling, hanging out in the rain, not sleeping, sitting in Arendal at 3:30, freezing my arms off.

There was this boy/dude/man standing behind us in the crowd that had been to 6 (or 16, I can’t remember) Bright Eyes concerts, first one being in 1996! That. Is. So. Cool! I was barely alive in ’96. He assured us that they had never let him down. (As if I needed reassuring on that part.)

The concert was, of course, amazing. I had the best time. It was very short, though, but I suspect that it can be good, on occasion, to only get a little taste  of what wonderful things can happen in the universe. There were so many emotions in my head at the same time (Lua made my eyes water, seriously!), my heart was beating with the beat and everything was perfect and infinite but still so short-lived and precious.

We were standing right up front, almost at the middle. Great placement. Brandon Flowers was asked onstage to duet on Four Winds (which apparently made Oberst’s summer), which made me a bit sad BUT ENOUGH BITCHING ABOUT FLOWERS ALREADY. It’s pretty childish. Four Winds was still great! Jenny Lewis played drums on one of the final songs (so much Lewis on that day!) The trumpet was beautiful, as always (I am still mind-blown about Nate making the trumpet sounding so lavishing, I used to think of it as a sort of clumsy instrument). Vocals were great, crowd was good, band was superb, it was dark and hot and quick and lovely. Oh Gosh, I miss them already.


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