Thought you wanted that.

2011/08/08 § 2 Comments

The titles of my Flickr photographs sound like cheap Norwegian book titles.

“med føttene på bakken.” (with the feet on the ground)

“ingen vitner” (no witnesses)

“brors tårer” (the brother’s tears)

“når naturen snakker” (when nature speaks)

“hjelp meg ut av ensomheten” (help me not to be lonely)

“på ørnevinger” (on eagle wings)

“en enkel velsignelse” (a simple blessing)

“en sprekk i betongen” (a crack in the concrete)

Haha, oh lord. I need to rethink some of these titles. I guess that’s what you get when you decide to mass change all the titles on a spur of the moment whim.


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§ 2 Responses to Thought you wanted that.

  • bb says:

    I think I’ve seen books like that at my Grandmothers. ^^

    • jejunestars says:

      Probably. They are the kind of books most average grandmothers read. “Kjærlighetens siste stikk”. Semi-erotica from the medieval times. How sad, really, that my grandmother spends most of her time reading about a young maiden’s encounter with rich princes. That must stem from a deep dislike of ones own life.

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