2011/08/11 § 2 Comments

What is this fuckery?
The season ending for Supernatural season 5? WHAT? There is no way, NO WAY, I’m waiting for Christmas to watch season 6. NO WAY. NO WAY! Ah, Supernatural is too much fun. And when <spoiler alert>Lucifer killed Cas and Bobby, I was, like, what? No? NO WAY? And then Cas came back and I could breathe again but DUDE. You don’t mess with stuff like that. And, guess what, one of my (countless) favourite quotes was said are by Cas! “Which would you rather have, peace or freedom?” Yesyesyes. Everything adds up. And what is this with Chuck being God? I didn’t get that at all. </spoiler alert> Anyway, final SN ranting is final. I will do my best to watch s6 with KA next Christmas, and not illegally download.



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