That instant karma always comes to late.

2011/08/12 § 1 Comment

I have listened to a lot of MoF lately.
I didn’t like them too much in the beginning, sounded too much like Beatles (I have no idea why I chose to believe that, as I don’t really listen to the Beatles. But I remember deciding so an early morning at Katta). When the self titled album came out in 09, I couldn’t stand Dear God which settled it for me and I never really gave them much of a second chance before I warmed up to M. Ward this spring. I guess my old age is finally starting to show.


If you’re not aware, MoF (Monsters of Folk) is “an American supergroup, consisting of Jim James from My Morning Jacket, Conor Oberst and Mike Mogis from Bright Eyes, and M. Ward of She & Him” (+ Will Johnson, officially/unofficially?). Sounds good? Sure is!

My favourite part about this, heh, supergroup (sounds cheesy, sorry) is how the voices overlap and blend but then sometimes not, and their amazing cover versions of other people and each other’s songs. I don’t know much about music and technical stuff, okay, I just listen and, on occacion, like.

I hope hope hope they decide to release a new album and go on a new tour. Would be DELICIOUS (mmmm, haha, sorry) sweet (though seeing that S&H are coming out with a Christmas album soon, this is probably not too likely in the near future. Or, does one really do promotional tours for Christmas albums? Or is that just me daydreaming? Question of the day.).

Three songs I do like and do recommend by MoF (links to YouTube videos):

Ahead Of The Curve
For me, this song is the kind of nostalgic happiness I want to attain in life. The exact feeling I get from this song. 
I had shoes to fill, walking barefoot now. Can’t tell north from south but no split hair’s gonna get me down.

This particular version is mainly sung by Ward, but Oberst originally sung (and I suspect wrote) it.
The dancing in the valley, the moon’s the mirrored ball.

The Right Place
This is really too catchy for words.
Stealing a tusk from an elephant must make one feel creepy inside.

And other than that, listen to Slow Down, Jo (I’VE HEART (heard, lol) IT LIVE), Whole Lotta Losin’, their cover of Dylan’s Girl From The North Country or just buy the album and ♥ ♥ ♥ </hearts>




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