2011/08/14 § Leave a comment

Tomorrow I am driving to Fredrikstad
all by myself. Scary! I’ve made myself a mix tape, though, so I have something to listen to other than the radio (because the radio kills brain cells).  A little bit of everything, and I will bring some of my CDs as well. One of the most terrible scenarios I can face is wanting to listen to a song but not having access to it. TROUBLE.

(originally posted 110914)

What I really wanted to tell you, is that Platekompaniet at Oslo City has two M Ward (Post War and Hold Time)  albums for 49 NOK per. You should go buy them! I was this close to, but I realised that I should rather buy them in England, seeing that I can’t fit everything into my suitcase.

Tanum in Karl Johan has opened again, and they have 25% off on all Moleskine books, which you should go buy too.

Today was my last day at work! Too good. Now my family is watching Tangerudbakken, it is very distracting. One of the Downs Syndrome kids (it is a show about people with Downs) is better to paint than me. I need to start practicing.


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