Cruise past the people’s choice and their backwards attitudes

2011/08/21 § 1 Comment

Here comes a “few” key words from my personal horoscope.
Perhaps not too interesting for you guys, but I apparently “can be a bit self-centered”, so there it is.
Have you ever gotten a personal horoscope written for you? If yes, was it fitting?
  • working purposefully toward a goal
  • look for the adventure
  • drawn to whatever is different and original in life
  • hates being tied down with the drudgery of routine
  • eccentric
  • outlook is mainly philosophical
  • knows above all that we are here to learn
  • torn between different directions in life with feelings going one way and willpower another
  • natural group leader or trainer
  • emotional maturity
  • tends to avoid too much socializing
  • lives for loving relationships and pleasant memories
  • voluptuousness and eroticism
  • you speak first, then think about it
  • an independent thinker, you would rather speak than listen
  • argumentative
  • great love of the written and spoken word
  • enthusiasm for mind, the intellect, and the world of ideas
  • love to touch
  • “free spirit”
  • your love of the spiritual and the eternal
  • creative and expressive
  • self-centered
  • truth, religion, and philosophy
  • ride the wave of chaos
  • change is the only constant phenomenon
  • if life is accidental, we are free to give it any point we like.
  • possess a waking experience of that part of us that is mystical and dreamlike
  • unusual music
  • may find psychology, initiation, mysticism and the occult of great interest
  • intense personal change and inner growth are lifelong habits.
  • a passion for inquiry, questioning and searching
  • working with others may be difficult
  • rely on you to carry the heaviest load
  • you don’t mind feeling a little different
  • creative imagination
  • a strong sense for the dramatic
  • the ability to express ideas of a mystical or other-worldly flavor
  • philosophy and religion are subjects that often occupy you
  • your love of truth makes philosophy and religious ideas a life-long habit
A FEW?! Hah.

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