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I bought And This Is True on sale
purely due to its wonderful cover (which is fold-out and sort of like a map and just super cool), which reminded my slightly of my own drawing style.

The book is about the life of 15 year old Nevis. Nevis has lived most of his life in a van with his father, roaming around the UK. He has never been to school and his father, Marshall, doesn’t work – he is a writer.  Their little world consists of the two of them, the van and literature. Their relationship is based upon understanding and love. They find themselves stranded when their van crashes, and Marshall decides they should start living on a farm together with other people. Nevis gets thrown into an unfamiliar society, where he isn’t the only person in his father’s life. But is Marshall’s sudden interest in joining with the real life to blame on the fact that Nevis, mere hours earlier, kissed his father? Or will they leave the farm when the van gets fixed? How can Nevis’ love for his father be wrong, when Marshall himself once said “you can’t help who you fall in love with”?

Ask me what’s wrong and let me tell you I’m miserable. We shouldn’t be with these people. Damn you, Marshall, we’re better off on our own.

I quite liked the book, it was interesting and funny and the kind of book that made me think about all the lives I haven’t lived. Nevil is a very unreliable narrator, something which makes this book very fascinating. How is really the relationship between him and his father? What really happened in that caravan? How can you really know the difference between something you imagined and something that happened? What is memories, and are they reliable?

And every time I’d wake up in the pitch black, frozen stiff. It was so dark I would start thinking, ‘I’m dead, I’m dead.’ And I’d feel the wooden panelling down the side of the narrow bunk and I’d reach up and touch the caravan ceiling so close to my face. I panicked and thought I was in a coffin.

Okay, I am afraid this book review made even less sense than earlier attempts. I need to start writing more, get my flow going. GOOD THING I’M GOING BACK TO SCHOOL YOU GUYS.

I closed my eyes and held our mouths together. I am drinking you, I thought.

An interview with the writer


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