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Bright Eyes streaming live from ACL.
At 1:10 am. Oh, good. It’s not like I need sleep.

BE is also trending on Twitter with the description “Bright Eyes announced a new album and a London gig today” and I was excited  for like two seconds.

I have come to the realisation that BE songs actually  frequently sound better live (live versions) than the album versions. Perhaps it’s just nice with some variation.

Track list, comments and pictures after the “more” thing.

My dashboard is filled with screenshots!

ACL track listing (with some commentary/photos because I like to multitask):
Four Winds

We Are Nowhere And It’s Now ithink hahahahah

Take It Easy (Love Nothing)
>>superb !

Jejune Stars 

One Foot In Front Of The Other
(audio completely off/very drunk Oberst. Still beautiful.) And I said, hey buddy, if you walk away, I walk away. And that little fucker shot me dead. You’d thought after growing so old, I’d get used to the spin(/pain?). Oh, Texas looks warm and sunny and nice. My room is dark and cold and cold. Did I mention cold? Thisgigistoobeautifulthough.

Lover I Don’t Have To Love
I never really appreciated this song before I heard it live. Just Laura singing the bridge(?)-thing is really great.

Shell Games
Started the intro like seven times (Took the fireworks. Took the fireworks. …. Took the fireworks?) Cute. Have I told you I like to listen to live music more? Adds something more to the song, don’t you think? A personal, ahem, touch.

Another Travelin’ Song
Starts off interesting. Mogis uses this weird space instrument thing. I LIKE IT. Is it a laying/lying/liiing/horizontal guitar? I have no idea. ))): Was that supposed to be French? Merci beaucoup, Auston. Makes sense.

The Calendar Hung Itself…

I Believe In Symmetry
Superior live version. I repeat myself, but I am cold. Take a good song and make it better.  Add some noise. When I woulla stay. Yh, such a good song. WHY AVE I BEEN CURSED WITH SUCH WONDERFUL MUSIC IN MY LIFE? You can’t ever really stop, you know.

Road To Joy
Four drummers up there now.

One For You, One For Me
I swear to food (Haha, I was thinking “God”, not “food”. Brain, why are you betraying me?), with the sound off, this could’ve been a rap concert, what with the rythm walking. andd the gang signs.

Crowd surf at the end of the concert was only fairly successful, with Oberst getting like two rows in before fallign over the barricade. Nice.

I LOVE CONCERTS. BRIGHT EYES BACK TO THE UK ASAP! (Or just Europe. I am flexible as fuck right now)

I apologise for any grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, rambling, fan girl-ing, unstructured sentences and/or distressing opinions in this blog post. I was cold/tired/sick/in pain/in love/ecstatic/blown out of my fucking mind while writing it.

Okay, I’ll see you tomorrow/today, BB. I’ll probably be tired, but you can handle that.

Hah, I was listening to Bright Eyes live while I edited the photographs, and by damn, don’t you think the audio was from Austin, too. My mother told me during tacos earlier today (yesterday) about a boy from Austin. This is a sign. I need to go to Texas!



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