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Hello there.

I am currently looking at all my choices for societies and sports clubs. There are too many, for a full list you can check out this page. Here is my list of interesting societies, the bolded ones are the ones I feel like I should join. What to you think?

  • Art society (£3)
    People meet to draw and paint and I guess do artsy stuff. We get like nude models and stuff. I could actually sign up to be a nude model, but I figured my body would leave people in total awe (and I would be submitted to isanyoneup.com) 
  • Debate society (£3)
    Pretty obvious, I would say. People meet to debate.  I feel like I should join this because I really need to work on my English in front of people, and this would also make me more articulate (I hope)
  • Creative writing (£3)
    Writing workshops, where once a week people meet to get a topic and style of writing. Forced writing, I guess. Would be fun and I could persuade myself to see it as educational and useful for my degree. 
  • Live music (£3)
    Just because I want to join a band. And play the tambourine.  
  • Nightline (£0)
    A phone line people can call in the night and someone (that someone could be me) will pick up and they can talk about stuff one thinks about in the nighttime. Might be depressing and shit, but hey, it will look good on my CV!
  • Vegbox (£3+)
    Once a week you get a box of ecological vegetables from a local farmer for a cheap price. Healthy stuff.  
  • Feminist society (£3)
    I want to join if they discuss and if they aren’t (you know) lame feminists. There are so many different kinds, from “equality” feminists to “superiority” feminists. They seemed like decent people, though.
  • Games society (£3)
    A society for LARPing and D&D and stuff. I have never tried anything like that before but I realised that I need my nerd friends. What better place to find some? 
  • Assassin (£3)
    Basically people playing this game across campus. Sounds horrible on my nerves, but amazing with the paranoia! 
  • Poledance (£10)
    I’m not even embarrassed.
  • Ballet (£5)
    Always wanted to try. And it’s cheap. 
  • Scandinavian society
    I don’t even know why I want to join this one. I just want someone to celebrate 17. may with, I guess. 
  • Archery (£10)
    Always wanted to try. But it’s not really cheap. 
  • Fencing (£25)
    Same as above, but this isn’t even close to cheap. 
  • Philosophy (£3)
    Philosophy is psychology’s best friend, at least in my head. 
  • Psychology society (£4)
    My faculty’s society. Good to join to make connections (for future jobs, bleurgh) 
  • Yoga (£10)
    Once in a while one has to move ones body. Yoga is the slow way to do this. 
  • Tae Kwon Do (£3)
    I knew TKD once. Self-defence is a good thing. 
  • ISS (£3)
    International Student Society. For international students (already joined)
Have to run, I’m going to the ISS Icebreaker tonight. It was either that or bar crawl with the Gaming society, and when my gaming flat mate didn’t want to join, I went for the one with least Brits.

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