“I’ve never laughed a woman into bed, but I’ve laughed one out of bed many times.”

2011/09/30 § 2 Comments

I went to see Jack Whitehall this evening.

Back when I was ordering Fresher tickets, right, I figured that I actually had to buy tickets to something I’d enjoy. You see, I know myself. I don’t drink, or rather, I don’t drink amongst people I don’t know and Freshers is basically a bunch of people I don’t know being very very drunk. I also know myself well enough that I am sure that I won’t have a go the “reinvent yourself“, “step out of your comfort zone“, “make friends” propaganda, and that I would probably spend most of my time in my apartment (which I have). So I figured, “Ah, buy yourself some light comedy, a British stand-up act by a Jack Whitehall. Might cheer you up.” The problem is that when I think about British comedy (or comedy in general), I think about Russell Brand. There is only one comedian in my life, and that is Russell Brand (and Knut Nærum, but you get my point). If you don’t know mr. Brand, I feel sorry for you. So I did some research on this Jack, and found him decently funny and easy to follow and all those things that seem interesting when you’re procrastinating. ANYWAY. (I am sorry that my writing has turned to shit, but it’s the British influence. I can actually see it myself. It is h-o-r-r-ible.) So when I walked towards the LCR, where the gig would be, I was more or less expecting Russell Brand (because of British comedian and all that), so imagine, if you will, my surprise when out walked Russell Brand in Conor Oberst’s body. I am not making this up. Brand and Whitehall had basically the same comedic traits (sex, British traits (vs American) and, well, sex) and he looked just like this (I can’t find the picture but it looks like CO has cat ears and is drinking a glass of milk. Google and see if you can find it yourself). So that was fun. I enjoyed that evening. Laughed a lot. Sad part was that, in my research, I had seen most of his routines and knew most of the catches of the stories before the end. That’s the downside of Internet I guess.

So, what were you doing yesterday evening, BBmagpie?

EDIT: flatmates come screaming in the hallway about EXCITING NEWS. They met Jack Whitehall. I was all, “shut up, I’m going to Cambridge tomorrow at 9am (!!!)”

EDIT2: apparently, you have to google “Bright Eyes” to find the picture of Oberst. Huh.



§ 2 Responses to “I’ve never laughed a woman into bed, but I’ve laughed one out of bed many times.”

  • magpiebb says:

    Nice it’s good to see that you do stuff. ^^ Are the people alright tho? You haven’t written about them so i assume they’re shit. :3

    I was at the theatre actually and saw “namnet”, it was good.

    I’ll send you a letter when my printer starts to work, which may take a while mind you.

    • jejunestars says:

      I usually do stuff, just not outside my room. LOL JK. .. The people are alright, just not my kind. I would probably write more about them if they were shit, but they are polite people (I mean, they are Brits).

      I am writing a letter to you! So you can wait until you get it and then you can respond. Ifnot, we will be sending back and forth for eternity. I want to set the standard.

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