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I have been looking for ages for OmmWriter, and I finally found it.

I was recommended it approximately three years ago but at that time it was only for Mac users, so I sadly couldn’t try it out. When I bought my Mac I remembered the software but not the name, and no Google searches in the world could resurrect it for me. However, I tried it again this morning and guess what I found!

OmmWriter is a text processor made to eliminate distraction and allow creativity to flourish.  The free version (available for Mac, PC or iPad) has three basic backgrounds, some music and various other options. The beauty of it is its simplicity and the quality of it. You can sense how much thought and work has been put into it.

My favourite part, besides the calm, is the keyboard sounds – you can make your writing sound like you’re on a typewriter. Ah, it’s just too inspirational for words. Really, really wonderful experience.

If you like to write, I definitely recommend OmmWriter. I wrote almost 500 words in 15 minutes, and though I cannot guarantee the quality in it, it is still a good word count to be me. Download it here, try the free version first and download the paid version ($4.11 and upwards) if you like it and eventually get tired of the music/backgrounds.


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