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Wanted to take some time
to recommend Bright Eyes’ Live Recordings EP.

I bought it at a whim a couple of weeks ago (crazy expensive), I wasn’t originally planning on buying it because, I mean, I already have a couple of live versions for most songs (illegally obtained, mind you). However, it was just there and I couldn’t even resist.

But it is really quite good. As I might have mentioned a thousand times before, BE songs are generally just as good, if not better, live. I love to hear a new take on an “old” song (we have talked about this in Psychology; when you get to know something, you like it more when you can play around with it afterwards. Cannot seem to remember what it’s called though. Sounds extremely creepy, when I put it like that. Play around with.), and some of the versions on LR are great.

The EP starts of with Firewall, which sounds pretty much like the album version. It’s a solid song, though, especially the “light to dark” stanza. Second is Shell Games, and is, much like Firewall, solid and, apart from going a tiny bit faster, pretty much like on TPK. Number three, Arc Of Time, I personally find to be a bit weak (it’s such a wonderful song), but it catches up at the end. However, the highlights of the EP, in my opinion, are the three last songs. Bowl Of Oranges has personality both instrumentally and lyrically, especially the “that’s why I’m singing” stanza, which I really enjoy. Lover I Don’t Have To Love is great. As previously stated, I never really liked Lover until I heard it live. Burhenn’s vocals on the bridge is a nice twist, creating a great atmosphere. But the best part of the EP (worthy of 5 iTunes stars!) is Ladder Song, which is a-h-mazing (couldn’t find this version on YouTube, sorry). It’s so good. It is a great song on TPK too, one of the songs who hit me hardest, emotionally. The live version embraces the same emotion to the tenth degree, with the piano and the calmness and the longing and … so good!

I am sort of hoping that whenever BE break up, they will release an album of Greatest Hits (Heh. I don’t know how to put it, but you get what I’m trying to convey here) – but that all the songs are rerecorded, with potential lyric changes, new intros, longer bridges, just to show how they evolved, you know. That would be the best. So when (/if) they decide to end BE, I hope it’s with something like this.

(I can’t believe I am writing “serious” reviews of stuff like this on my blog. I have no credibility whatsoever. Hah.)


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