If God wanted him to pass his classes, God would have given him the right answers!

2011/10/28 § Leave a comment

I watched Easy A
ages ago, but forgot to recommend it, I think.

It is a really funny American film about a girl named Olive who quite randomly manages to lie about losing her virginity. The rumor is all over school in no time and all of a sudden Olive finds herself in as the school slut, with big scarlet As (= Adulteress, from The Scarlet Letter)sewn onto her clothes – even though she is, technically, still a virgin.

This film is very funny, Emma Stone is an incredible comedic actress and really makes this film. I would recommend it strongly if you’re looking for a light teenage comedy (much like Mean Girls).

“I hope for your sake that God has a sense of humor” 
“Oh, I have 17 years worth of anecdotal proof he does.” 

“I’m gonna turn you around, take you from the back. “
“Yeah, that’s not gonna make people think you’re straight.”

“The books you read in class always seem to have some strong connection with whatever angsty adolescent drama is going on.
Except for Huckleberry Finn. Cause I don’t know any teenage boys who have ever run away with a big, hulking black guy.”

“Family member of the week gets to choose the movie.”
“But you’re always family member of the week!”
“There’s a reason for that.”
“Yeah, you pick family member of the week.”
“Are you accusing me of nepotism?” 

“You’re going to hell!” 
“As long at you’re not going to be there.”


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