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Hospice by the Antlers
might be the most beautiful piece of music ever created.
I remember when I first discovered it. I listened to nothing but Sylvia for two days. Nothing. And it was close to constant. I was walking around in Oslo for two days, hearing nothing but Sylvia. I sat down on cafés when my legs started shaking, and I felt too weak to even lift my cup of tea and I was looking at the people passing by and I was sure that everyone could relate to that song. After those two days I deactivated the “repeat-one-song” button, and listened to the entire album on repeat. And I never really stopped.

Hospice centers around a hospice worker and his relationship with a terminally ill patient. It is debated what sort of relationship they have, but it is a beautiful and macabre and fucked up one. It is a concept album, all the songs tie together, which is why it sounds so much better when you listen through it and not just random shuffle. After Epilogue finishes, I want to put on three sweaters, a big scarf, thick socks; to be protected from the world. There is a Norwegian word that fits perfectly for Hospice; sårt. It is numbening, it is a thumping dull pain in your chest, it is longing, it is despair. The lyrics also work wonderfully independent of the music, almost like poems (so, I mean, if you can’t be bothered to listen to the music, at least read the lyrics!).

The album is directed towards “you”, which makes it 98463864 times more personal. Everything works together to make this a perfect experience; the instruments, the voices, the lyrics; it is 52 minutes of being someone else, someone different than yourself. With headphones on, he’s whispering about your despair, and you can’t escape it. It is a haunting album, and not an easy listen, and it will probably not leave you feeling any better about anything. Regardless, if you find the time, you really, really should give it a proper listen-through.



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