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Reading in my Personality text book
about the label people tend to characterise others with: no personality. You know; I have no idea why she likes him, he has no personality.

A group of people was asked to describe a person with no personality. Apparently they are: “quiet, not a lot of fun, unassuming, geeky, not very sociable, no sense of humour, dull, unhappy looking and dress in dull clothes” (I’m not going to reference this. Just because I can). Hey, you say. Doesn’t that sound familiar? I swear to whatever’s up there: this is me. This is me if you don’t know me. If you know me, however, I think I would be characterised more as “loud, perhaps still not a lot of fun, not very humble, geeky, very sociable with people I like, an odd sense of humour (but still! a sense of humour), constant-bitch-face (due to shyness and a slight arrogance) and occacionally fun clothes”. But I am always characterised of having a lot (perhaps too much?) of a personality. Not always a good thing. But I am me.

The characteristics from the book, too me, describes parts of introvert people amongst people they’re not comfortable around. So, according to this group, personality=extrovert. Stupid. Stupidstupidstupid. Mind you, it’s the first page of the book. But still. WHAT.


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§ 2 Responses to ON “NO PERSONALITY”

  • bb says:

    That was pretty stupid, just beacause people aren’t super outgoing doesn’t mean they have less personallity. I’d rather say less personality is saying and doing the same as evryone else, having the same humor as the rest could mean having no humor and so on. ^.~

    • jejunestars says:

      Yes, I agree. On a very funny sidenote; my spam filter has decided that you are spam. That might’ve been the reason why you couldn’t comment earlier. I could only find this comment in the filter, though.

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