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Just popping by, saying hello, to recommend a new band for your listening pleasure.

Desaparecidos were a post-hardcore band in 01-02, perhaps most famous as a sideproject of Conor Oberst (…of Bright Eyes). The instruments are amazing and the lyrics are catchy (can one use such a term in a non-pop context? Is context even the right word to use?), socio-political and inspiring as figg! They sadly broke up, but had a short-lived reunion at the Concert for Equality in 2010 (what I wouldn’t give to be there, etc etc). They only released one album – Read Music/Speak Spanish – but it is really really really good. I’m talking super good.


I’m not going to recommend three songs out of the 12 that I have (RM/SS has most of the tracks – buy it, buy it, buy it!) but if you really can’t be bothered checking YouTube on your own account, here are the three songs I first got into:
Man and Wife, the Former (Financial Planning)
Greater Omaha

EDIT: Oh, oh, oh. Look what I found in an old blog post. Play.com review on RM/SS. If this doesn’t convince you, nothing will:


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