2012/05/03 § Leave a comment

Yesterday I got this in the mail.

For those of us who can’t make out it all, it’s:

  • Saddle Creek Summer sampler
  • Thank you-note from Sarah
  • Cursive and Big Harp stickers (!!)
  • Fevers & Mirrors
  • Oh, Holy Fools
  • There’s No Beginning To The Story
  • A Collection Of Songs
  • Every Day & Every Night
  • Letting Off The Happiness

Yes, I’m pleased. It will be a real hazzle getting them home, though, but whatevz. Like. Kinda. It’s going to work out.

I have also bought myself some other vinyl, in various states of on their way to me

  • M. Ward’s A Wasteland Companion (got it the day before I returned to England, so it’s safe back home, played through once and loved instantly. You should definitely give it a listen!)
  • Mystic Valley Band’s One Of My Kind dvd and vinyl! And a Team Love tee, cause I can. (This was delayed, so I sent them an e-mail asking them to send it to Norway but haven’t got a reply yet so I imagine this might actually have to stay in Norwich for the summer, and hopefully it’ll still be here when I return for next year. Boo. The tee was for my trip to Spain and everything. Illegal downloading might be necessary for the songs. Joking. Kinda.)
  • The Mynabird’s I Want It All-bundle of Generals was ordered today and ships of the 22nd of May, I think. Lots of good stuff, including vinyl and cd and tee and tote bag and and and. Excited!

I am procrastinating from my exam revision. If you hadn’t figured that out, with me posting relatively often here. Oh, well. I have to jump in the shower and do my grocery shopping, and Harry has challenged me to do the 30 day Body Rock challenge, so I actually have to work out. Thumbs up. Have a good day, “y’all”. All my readers. You lovely readers.

I seriously need a procrastination shot. This is getting ridiculous.


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