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Oh, and.

Seeing that this isn’t really a music blog (surprise!) I also wanted to boast about being chosen for secretary for the Burlesque society and being in the running towards becoming America’s Next Top Model equality and diversity officer (and unofficial social secretary) for VegBox society. Power, you guys. Power. I was told that I didn’t “have to be an extovert to be social secretary- most vegbox members are quite shy” and I was immediately sold. Quite shy people? Vegetables? Talking to farm people? This must be heaven. I am also hopefully continuing as class representative (which is fun and makes me feel important and valuable and is the only way I can halfway comfortably chat to my class mates) plus having a more vigorous work out plan plus (perhaps, if I like hooping) joining the Circus society, plus Yoga and Feminism and everything that I’m still doing, AND I’ll have a proper room mate.

Jeez, next year is going to be very … social. Only 7 days left in this coffin and then 4 months of Norway and a little Spain and hopefully some interesting work. I also need to work on my academic writing, and read up on all my subject books. And learn to not procrastinate. Yeah.



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