On 2012’s taste in music

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Here I will list the top twelve
artists/albums/songs I have listened to the most in 2012 (taken from last.fm) with some links, just like last year and the year before. Depressingly similar artists and albums as last year try to tell me that I have not progressed much music taste-wise. But we all know that’s a lie. Come on. My music taste is rapidly evolving.


I am, however, quite surprised with the song list – it really shows what a destitute and void year 2012 really was. Cheers for that, life!

I also had a shitty concert year, with only three concerts, two of which were with the same artist. Two Gallants were a pleasant surprise, though – definitely hope they’ll come back to the UK soon.

It was a good year for something, and that is new albums: Generals (The Mynabirds), A Wasteland Companion (M. Ward), Transcendental Youth (The Mountain Goats), I Am Gemini (Cursive), The Bloom and the Blight (Two Gallants), The Lion’s Roar (First Aid Kit), The Haunted Man (Bat For Lashes) and Electra Heart (Marina & The Diamonds). Not bad, all things considering. I am however thoroughly bummed out with how few of these artists toured Europe/I was able to go see when they were touring Europe.

I wish I could say that one of my New Years Resolutions were to listen to less Conor Oberst, but that would be a lie. First of all, I don’t have any New Years Resolutions, and secondly, that would be very claustrophobic/depressing/stupid. What a special man. Also, the promise of a new S&H record predicts a new year with M. Ward-ian influence, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I, in a year, post a new summary much like this. Hopefully Desa will have released some new songs and at least be in the top 8. They deserve it.

Dita Von Teese is (apparently) releasing an album in 2013 too. That’s probably going to be shit. (I’m scrolling through a ‘list of albums scheduled for release in 2013’ (thanks, Wikipedia) to see if anyone I recognise are releasing something new. It doesn’t look good. Please send suggestions.)

But I digress. Here goes:

Top twelve artists in 2012:

  1. Bright Eyes
  2. M. Ward
  3. My Chemical Romance
  4. She & Him
  5. Azure Ray
  6. Angus And Julia Stone
  7. The Mynabirds
  8. The Mountain Goats
  9. Mystic Valley Band
  10. Conor Oberst
  11. Rilo Kiley
  12. Desaparecidos

Top twelve albums in 2012:

  1. Cassadaga (Bright Eyes)
  2. Noise Floor (Bright Eyes)
  3. A Wasteland Companion (M. Ward)
  4. Generals (The Mynabirds)
  5. Danger Days (My Chemical Romance)
  6. Digital Ash In A Digital Urn (Bright Eyes)
  7. Read Music/Speak Spanish (Desaparecidos)
  8. Lifted (Bright Eyes)
  9. I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning (Bright Eyes)
  10. Hospice (The Antlers)
  11. A Collection of Songs (Bright Eyes)
  12. Volume 2 (She & Him)

Top twelve songs in 2012:

  1. The Mynabirds – Generals
  2. Robin Pecknold – I’m Losing Myself ft. Ed Droste
  3. Cursive – The Recluse
  4. Bright Eyes – Cleanse Song
  5. Ingrid Michaelson – Can’t Help Falling In Love With You
  6. Marina & The Diamonds – Primadonna
  7. Marina & The Diamonds – Radioactive
  8. Bright Eyes – No One Would Riot For Less
  9. A Fine Frenzy – Swan Song
  10. Marina & The Diamonds – Lies
  11. Bright Eyes – Weather Reports
  12. Marilyn Monroe – Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend

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